A Date With My Little Lady

posted on: Sunday, July 26

There are some days that are unplanned and spontaneous and that end up being the best days! I'm lucky that I get a few days a week to myself with our little lady juuust the two of us (singing in my head now) but it really is the best. We woke up the other morning to whitecaps on the horizon from our living room so I thought it would be fun to head over to the beach and check out the surf. We packed up and set out for a well known surf spot to see what we could find. It was one of those summery days that are cool enough for a sweater but warm in the sun! And it didn't disappoint. We bunkered down in the trunk of our car with a sea breeze while I fed Syd and then took a stroll along the beach and watched the waves and kiddies play. I mostly watched Sydney watching everyone else taking it all in and wondering the whole time what is she thinking?! She has so much curiosity in those baby blues and it is really something to see her experience this world. Dates are fun!

Baby You're A Firework

posted on: Tuesday, July 7


It is only appropriate to do a proper photo-dump of our July 4th shenanigans. (No idea on the spelling  so moving on!) Since we have a 7 MONTH OLD! WHAT?!? I seriously munch on those thighs every single day. And those cheeks and tootsies and I'm a serial baby head smeller. I just can't help myself. This 4th was one of those great holidays that was just lots of fun spent with family and friends. Nothing crazy but perfect nonetheless. It basically went like this... coffee, food, beach, pool, sleep, food, drink, sleep, repeat. Perfection. PERFECTION! Now back to baby smelling and such.

Our week started out with early morning walk on an empty beach.

Followed by everyone in town at the beach on a hot and beautiful summer day. The kind you see in movies. Syd had her first run in with sand and loved it. She kept squishing it in her fingers and toes and it was one of those "I don't want to forget this" moments.

The morning of the 4th was overcast and we walked an empty beach again and got a rare photo of the our little family of three! Then we ate... lots and hosted the first dinner in our new home. Lobster! Then we watched fireworks and drank and laughed. 

Then we went to the pool, cause what else would we do? Sydney was a little water bug. I was such a proud Mama as she kicked around and splashed and laughed. The best part is that we have the rest of the week to do it all again! P.S. I feel so lucky that we live so close to family so we can share all of these moments together. My heart is feeling very full! 


posted on: Saturday, May 16

This isn't really fair to say lately, cause it's been what, months? Yep! As of this Sunday we will have a 6-month-old! WHAT?! I seriously cannot believe it. How did this happen? And, what's new? Well for one thing we have grown - a lot! Sydney is 15 pounds and over 25" long. She's still teeny in comparison to 'other babies' but all that milk is doin it's thang! We're still breastfeeding. Now it is every 4 hours instead of 3 which is life altering. We also eat solids now. Well, mushed up blended solids watered down with breastmilk. But, we eat sweet potato, rice, peas, apples, and butternut squash! I make it all. SO easy! Perhaps a separate post on that soon. We grab our toes a lot! And sometimes we eat them. We can sit up (kind of). With the help of pillows and my legs, our little lady can be propped very well. Her core is SOLID (unlike mine) and she reaches and balances pretty darn good if I do say so. I've heard from other parents out there that this whole sitting thing is a huge milestone. Sweet! We sleep (kind of) way less than we used to. Apparently we've gone backwards in that department. More on sleep training, or rather 'organized chaos' as hubby like to put it, later. Oh and we're almost done with our house renovation. Yep, we bought a house and then decided to do a major renovation...with a baby...while we're living with my parents (which I seriously suggest everyone do if/when having a baby and/or doing a house reno!) So in summary life is LIFE. Boring normal stuff and insanely amazing stuff like watching Syd raise her arms up in the air and mimic you when you say 'SO BIG', which may be totally boring to everyone else but to us it is the most exciting thing in the world. So lately, things have been pretty darn good.

Love is Grand

posted on: Monday, February 16

That it is. It is hard to explain but when you have a baby your heart becomes SO full. It's a little overwhelming, actually. Kind of like the scene in The Grinch where his heart grew three sizes that day. That is exactly what happens. Your heart miraculously grows and it just doesn't stop. It really is a wonderful thing. So with that and a clear yearning for Spring to get here already, I leave you with the above print - now available in the Etsy Shop. I hope you had a grand Valentine's Day!

On Breastfeeding

posted on: Tuesday, January 27

The best thing about breastfeeding, you ask? Those eyes! I could drown in them... and I do. So much of my days are now consumed by those gorgeous baby blues. We'll just stare at one another for what feels like hours and I often wonder what she's thinking as we share those moments. I never want to forget this sweet, sweet time I have with her. Because, I know it is fleeting. I would be a big fat liar if I stopped here. For as many of those moments that I love, there were (and sometimes still are) moments that will eventually float to the back of my brain and be forgotten with time. This, I believe, happens for a reason. Otherwise, women would never choose to breastfeed again. I think one of the hardest parts of becoming a new mother is the lack of hearing about what it is like in the first few weeks that baby arrives. Generally, when I spoke with friends about motherhood, our conversations would be all about pregnancy and birth and the amazing little human that we now tend to. Then it would wander off into coos and the oooohhhss and aaaahhhhs we dote on our precious little ones. Rarely would difficult times be mentioned. Perhaps for lack of time during our conversations or maybe just because it is simply more fun to talk about the good times. In a world of perfectly posed pictures and well-edited instagrams, real can seem well — not real. Am I rambling? Perhaps. 

So, let's get down to it. Breastfeeding is really really hard! Now I completely understand why so many women choose formula over breastfeeding. I can't even tell you how many times I broke down in the first few weeks crying to my husband that I just can't do it anymore. I'm lucky that I have a kick-*ss hubby. We talked about it before Sydney arrived and I told my husband that no matter what, I wanted him to support me and not tell me that I should just give up and switch to formula. And that is what he did. He held me when I cried and told me I was doing an amazing job and told me that whatever I wanted to do would be ok. That my friends may just be the key to sticking it out. Getting a proper latch is also key. It took me some time to really get it right. And I read soooo many things. Books, blogs, baby sites, la leech league (highly recommended). I watched videos and pretty much obsessed over how much milk she was getting and was I doing it right? All on very little sleep, of course. But, as much advice as you'll get (or find on the inter web)  I'm not really sure you can avoid the physical pain that comes with the start of breastfeeding. It HURTS! I'm wincing just thinking about it. Your nipples need time to get used to feeding. Babies have a strong little suck in them and if you make it through without cracked and bleeding nipples then you are a lucky duck! Lanolin and gel pads will be your life saver!! Also, these. Beyond the physical pain, in the beginning I found breastfeeding to be really lonely and I felt trapped by it. I was lucky because my husband or Mom were with me most of the time but, because you are feeding on demand, it still felt like I could never escape. I used to call my breastfeeding pillow my pillow prison. Even if I wanted to run to the store, I couldn't because she would be due to feed again. It was hard. But, as with most things, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The trick to breastfeeding, you ask? Time. It gets better with time. And, every baby is different. Sydney is a dream when it comes to breastfeeding while some babies just won't take the breast. I think regardless of your experience you just have to remind yourself that it is your life and your baby and you need to stand behind whatever decisions you make and be happy with them. Lastly, I would highly highly recommend visiting with a lactation consultant. They will come to you and they'll help with whatever issues you may be having. This was a turning point for me because it reassured me that everything was ok. There will always be ups and downs but you and your baby will find that rhythm and the next thing you know you'll be staring into one another's eyes and drinking it all in. Pun intended. Insert heart eyes here because it really is special.