Pregnancy Cravings

posted on: Friday, September 19

A lot of people have asked if I've had any pregnancy cravings. I always laugh and if my husband is around he makes a face that says "I'll tell you what cravings she has!" Because at the end of the day he can't really say no when I point to this belly of mine and say "I reallllly want it though" while batting my eyes and trying to portray my cute face if there is such a thing. So donuts and ice cream is your answer. SO not good but SO good at the same time. The ice cream cravings are out of control. I want some every night. Always. The donuts — now that started when we moved back to MA. Because, ya know, Dunkin Donuts is just plain good. BUT there is also this fabulous little place right down by the beach that makes their own FRESH donuts every morning. If you aren't there by 8:30am you're lucky if you can snag a plain donut. So we make sure to get there niiiiiice and early and I usually sing the song on the drive cause it wouldn't be a trip to Dockside Donuts without the song. My Dad made it up when I was little and it goes something like this: Dockside Donuts yaba daba daba daba, Dockside Donuts YABA DABA DABA DABA, Dockisde. DO NUTS! Needless to say I must tell my hubby often, I do, I love you more than donuts! Illustration by moi. Happy donut hunting.

Apparently Fruit Is It

posted on: Wednesday, September 10

If only my fruit cravings were as strong as my ice cream cravings! Typically when it comes to your own baby shower you stay out of it. When my Mom started planning — being the slight control freak that I am and, ya know, since design is ma thing — I inserted myself in the invite/decor phase of said baby shower and she politely obliged. But that is ALL! I won't even begin to take credit for the design because I found the pineapple theme over on The Allison Show where she decked it out for a Mother's Day Brunch. Too cute! You can find all her resources right there! Which is how I got my little hands on those lovely designs. I tweaked them a tiny bit and walla. Baby shower invites! We also made these DIY pineapple ring dish holders which we're giving away as favors (spoiler alert for those attending- wink wink). And perhaps there will be some cookies and other pineapple things in the works. Who knows! If you follow my instagram you've seen a lot of pineapple lately and now you know why. There is no lack of pineapple everything on the inter web right now so feast your eyes and send any fun ideas my way! Because this sweet little nugget in my belly is the pineapple of my eye! And I can't wait to meet her! Ten more weeks!

Blueberries for Days

posted on: Friday, September 5

A few weeks ago I dragged, yes dragged, my entire family blueberry picking. The promise of brunch afterwards was the only thing that got them to oblige. Well, not even 5 minutes in they were picking more blueberries than you could carry. Buckets full! In total we were there for maybe thirty blissful minutes. The sun was creeping up in the sky and the air got warmer and we picked and ate blueberries to our heart's desire. We left with over four pounds of those delicious little snacks. And the next day we made blueberry muffins and blueberry lemon bread and ate blueberries on top of ice cream and yogurt and everything else. It was divine. 


posted on: Friday, August 29

Lately I'm feeling... settled and happy! We made the big move and have relocated back home to MA! NYC was amazing but the funny thing was, despite having resided there for ten years, I still couldn't call myself a New Yorker. We were, though, tried and true New Yorkers. We took the subway to work every day, spent weekends lounging in Central Park or on the Hudson River. We ordered out WAY too much — I mean, normal people don't eat out that much. There's NO way! We would order two bagels and have them delivered to our apartment. Yes, delivered. I'm telling you, NY does things to you. It slowly changes your expectations. You become less patient. You get a little swagger that you somehow allow yourself to have because... you're a New Yorker, man. You MADE it. Well after ten years of making it, if you are lucky enough to travel (which we have been oh so lucky) you start to see how others live their lives. Perhaps I'm just getting old but the more time I spent outside of the city, the more my heart — my whole body simply craved to be anywhere but NYC. Sure, it will always be amazing but I'm not sure it is worth the price tag anymore. Or the sacrifices. No one talks about the sacrifice that comes along with living in that city. Small spaces. I'm talking SMALL people. Big rents. Masses of people... who all want nothing to do with one another. Drinks that cost $16 and why? Does anyone ever ask WHY is this ok? You just accept it because... you live in NYC. Or you move back to MA and in with your parents (who happen to have an in-law setup and are THRILLED you are coming home!) five minutes from the beach might I add. And, why all this change? Timing is everything, isn't it. We've got a little babe on the way and a baby makes you ask the hard questions. I couldn't even begin to imagine lugging a stroller through those dirty city streets and up and down those subway stairs like I've seen so many Mamas do. Well, hats off to these women but we wanted something different for our little girl. We wanted her to have a yard to play in where she can run naked and feel the grass in between those little toes, and the sand beneath those feet. We wanted a place that felt stable and open and bright. For us, that place just wasn't the city anymore. We still don't quite know where that place is but — this feels sooooo right. Deep down in the gut right! Our first weekend back we went blueberry picking. We got four pounds of fresh blueberries! And we baked and we ate blueberries for days! There are farmers markets almost every day a short distance away. And I feel like I'm paying a fair amount for what I get, not being cheated to buy a piece of fruit for $6 just because the grocery store has an exuberant rent to pay. OH it feels nice! And the best part is that as we start to settle down, this babe gets even closer to her arrival date. Change is good. And this is just the beginning! So, cheers to change and new arrivals and all that is yet to come!


posted on: Tuesday, July 1

Summer is here! My posts are far and few between but life is simply full right now — in such a good way! A brief moment to share my happy place. Give a follow to my Instagram for more goings on. So many fun adventures to share, and soon. For now, go dip your feet in the ocean, get sandy and salty and enjoy every moment.