Time to Celebrate!

posted on: Friday, July 30

It's birthday time! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Another year older! I'll be celebrating with dinner, drinks, and dancing and I plan on enjoying my favorite cake of all time—confetti cake! I've already made a birthday purchase which I'll soon be sharing and yes, it was on sale! Cheers and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

Image via Ruby Press

Summer Whites

posted on: Thursday, July 29

Due to the overwhelming responses of "no, not fall already", for some it was clearly too early for me to be posting this. So—back to summer essentials! {your welcome} Here is one color that is a go-to during the summer months...white! It feels bright and clean and enhances a glowing tan like nothing else. I love grabbing a white tee or shorts and pairing them with bright colors. I also love white accessories as they can be matched with just about anything and can be worn year round. Some of my favorites below and for some additional watches see here. How cute is this dress? Add some neon nail polish and you're good to go!

From top to bottom:
Sandals: $39
Watch: $89

Minimalist Design

posted on: Wednesday, July 28

I am a big fan of the continual movement toward simplification and minimalism in design. I feel strongly that in our modern day and age we are all too often visually overstimulated by advertising that is vying for our attention and overdoing it as a result. I do understand however, that it is becoming more and more necessary for advertisers to do so—mainly due to the simple fact that our attention spans are rapidly diminishing. I could go on and on but instead I'd like to share these lovely minimalist movie posters. They are subtle, to the point, and simply a breath of fresh air amidst all of the visual clutter. See more posters here.

Fall Layers

posted on: Tuesday, July 27

While I know that I'm jumping the gun a little, I can't help but get excited about the fall collections that are popping up in stores! It seems a little crazy to be thinking about big sweaters and leggings while it is still ninety degrees outside but I just can't help it. One that caught my eye recently was the Gap. Not only do they have stripes galore but they have some great fall essentials that they've layered together creating a stylish yet affordable look! Check it out here.

Photographer: Peter Lik

posted on: Monday, July 26

Vacation is over and it is time to get back to reality. I have yet to unpack all of my bags and do chores around the apartment but my mind is unfortunately still on vacation! So, I thought I'd post photographer Peter Lik. His photographs are so vivid and amazing that you'll feel like you're literally standing in the middle of the ocean watching the waves crash on a deserted island in the middle of the caribbean right there with him! I had the pleasure of visiting one of his galleries while in Key West and seeing his photographs in person allows you to truly understand how amazing his work is. See his work here. Enjoy!

Good Day Sunshine

posted on: Friday, July 23

My vacation is soon wrapping up but it was as relaxing as could be. With sights like this it is all too easy to simply sit back and forget about the day to day grind back at home. I will certainly be looking forward to coming back next year! I'll be enjoying the last couple of days before getting back to reality but in the meantime, here are some snippets from around the web. Happy weekend!

Speaking of rooftop views check this out

Shop Mamie—everything for under $100, yes please!

Designers will appreciate this hilarious article

Very cool street art

I'm craving this 'let it be' tee

Streetstyle via lucky mag

These shoes have me thinking fall!

Tye dye is in, even in the kitchen!

Images copyright Rachael Passing Notes

Dig In

In my opinion one of the best parts of vacation is the food! We've had our fair share of good eats and I'm looking forward to indulging even more before the weekend is over. On our menu we've had lobster rolls from Fat Joe's, s'mores around the campfire, blueberry and apple pancakes from a local diner, fresh veggies and steak on the grill—and I was able to make homemade popsicles as seen here. {see my version below} The good news is that with all the outdoor activities {tubing, water skiing, wiffle ball, swimming, and golfing} we've worked up good appetites and don't feel guilty indulging. Plus, we're on vacation! Dig in!

{Lobster rolls from Fat Joe's}

{Homemade popsicles}

{Apple pancakes}

{Gooey s'mores}

All images copyright Rachael Passing Notes

Scoop NYC

posted on: Wednesday, July 21

I've been awaiting Scoop's online shopping debut for some time and while there are still a couple of weeks to go until the launch, their summer and fall lookbooks are up! With brands like Rag & Bone and Alice & Olivia it is easy to find that key piece that you are looking for. Their fall looks are structured and chic, and I'm already loving the layering and jackets. See both lookbooks here.


posted on: Tuesday, July 20

My vacation is in full swing and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Day one at the lake has been filled with tubing, swimming, a boat ride to the ice cream shack and a breathtaking sunset. I'm looking forward to a relaxing week and can't wait to dive into the next book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. {aka the True Blood series} I've been waiting for some time for the book to make its way to the shelves! More to come...happy summer!

All images copyright Rachael Passing Notes

Rooftop Views

posted on: Monday, July 19

There is nothing that I enjoy more than sipping mojitos on an open rooftop while taking in a great view of the city—behold the Hudson Hotel sky terrace! I was recently introduced to this lovely venue and have already decided I'm going back. The views of the city were beautiful and the sky terrace had an amazing ambiance with chic style and mood lighting. If you're planning on spending a night in the city and don't mind splurging a little then book away and enjoy the view! See more pics and get rates here.

Summer Treat: Ice Pops

posted on: Friday, July 16

I have had no time to cook this summer and I'm looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen soon. On my list to make are these delicious looking pomegranate yogurt pops found here. Summer time is the perfect excuse to feel like a kid again and dripping popsicles are one summer treat that I'll never tire of! You can easily mix up the recipe by swapping out the honey for a little vanilla extract and try different flavors such as raspberry or mango. Yum! Look here or here for some great popsicle molds and—how adorable are these sailboat molds?! Have a great weekend and see below for some snippets from around the web.

I absolutely need to go to this private island resort!!

Designer water via Missoni

These fontstaches give me a chuckle

Some more mustache fun

A great photo app for the iphone

Surfing the Oregon coast, yes please!

California style at its best at Planet Blue

Make your own scarf dress

All joy and no fun? an interesting read

Fun camera straps

A letterpress necklace I'm loving

Photographer: Nick Onken

posted on: Thursday, July 15

In my line of work I'm constantly keeping an eye out for new photographers and Nick Onken immediately caught my eye! I came across his website featured in Communication Arts, and while the site is wonderfully designed, his photos are fresh and vibrant, and are in my mind the driving force. I also love that he started out as a graphic designer and is now the one taking photos! Find his website here and find his blog here. Also, be sure to check out the behind the scenes section for some fun glimpses of what it is like to be on location. Enjoy!

The Quarterdeck

posted on: Wednesday, July 14

During my visit home this past weekend I stopped into The Quarterdeck in Scituate, MA. The Quarterdeck was one of my favorite stores to visit growing up and it has the same eclectic quality that I remember! It is filled with whosits and whatsits galore and tied together with a nautical theme that is more than appropriate to its location in the harbor and pristine backdrop. {see below!} I never leave without purchasing something and walked away with some great bracelets, a mermaid bottle opener, and a lovely antique-like vanity mirror. I can't wait for my next visit to see what I come across next!

Leather Bracelets

posted on: Tuesday, July 13

I was meandering around the fashion district recently and couldn't resist popping into one of the bead stores. I've been slightly infatuated with bangles and bracelets recently as you can see here, and decided to take it upon myself to construct some arm candy. So, I purchased some leather string and got to work. The result is simple and fun and great for layering! I think there will be some additional diy projects to come soon!

Summer Fiesta

posted on: Monday, July 12

My brother's graduation party was this past weekend and it was so great to see friends and family. We drank, ate, and were merry for an afternoon that, despite a little rain, was a great day! I put together a sendoff care package of college essentials for my brother. {See below} Included in the kit were knob notes, the college cookbook, the Brook's Brothers book on How to Be A Gentleman, Ramen Noodles, Febreeze, a hammer that also doubles as a bottle opener, some gift cards, and other "important" essentials {such as ping pong balls}. We had a fabulous day and my Mom deserves a big pat on the back for pulling everything together! See past graduation posts here and here.

Beach Essentials

posted on: Friday, July 9

I am officially on vacation for an extra long weekend and headed home to the South Shore for my brother's graduation party and then from there headed down to the Sea Isle for some much needed beach time! So, I thought I would put together a list of my summer beach essentials. From sunblock wipes to a good beach read, you can't hit the sand without stocking up on these much-needed items! Party pics to come! Happy weekend!

Supergoop Sunscreen Wipes $34
Maui Babe Lotions $36
Roxy Day Trip Romper $49
Roxy Seaside Hat $28


posted on: Wednesday, July 7

Ladies, this one is for you! Guys, feel free to pay attention as well. Please take notice that yes, even the models get some extra trimming—and its not due to the latest fab diets or hours of cardio. All you need is a little photoshop. Given that photoshopping is a regular part of my daily job, this article caught my eye, and yes, I'm guilty of it too—making someone's teeth whiter, filling in a bald spot, cleaning up a person's skin. As a designer, it is my job to make photos look better than the original and photoshop is like a little magic wand. This is just a great example of what is considered "normal" photoshopping and wow, could those thighs get any thinner? However, if you read the article you'll realize that this is one company's way of bringing real beauty to light and saying hey, we don't need photoshop. Definitely an interesting twist for a campaign. The U.K. Department Store says, "Our campaign is all about making women feel good about themselves - not eroding their self belief and esteem by using false comparisons." Find the full article here!

Spotted via A Cup Of Jo

The Best Seat In Town

posted on: Tuesday, July 6

I had a surprise twist to my fourth of July weekend with a cruise of the Hudson River on the Bateaux NY. We had front row seats to the fireworks display with champagne and margaritas galore. Giving us a rare view of the show, the boat floated in position along the Hudson so close to the barge shooting off the fireworks, you felt like it was a private show. It was one of those great NYC experiences that I would highly recommend! I also had the pleasure of devouring brunch at one of my favorite breakfast spots in the city, ironically named Hudson Place. The cornbread with jalapeno butter and veggie egg white omelette are my go-to items and make for a filling yet delicious start to the day!

{Our amazing view of the Macy's Fireworks display}

{Champagne toast, yum!}

{Cornbread with jalapeno butter, I need to get a recipe for that butter!}