Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

posted on: Friday, October 28

Its almost time for trick-or-treating. I wanted to share the TOT video with Heidi Klum, our newest ambassador. I was on site for this shoot and it was such a great experience to watch Heidi work her magic. Make sure to grab your orange box and start collecting change! Check out Heidi's video and visit the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF costume party site for more info! 

So You Need A Typeface

posted on: Thursday, October 27

Ha, I love this print via Felt & Wire. I can think of countless times that I've been sitting at my computer searching for just the right typeface. I do, I do need a typeface! Do you?

The London Coat

posted on: Tuesday, October 25

Wanted: the London Coat via Emerson Made. In my closet, please. 


posted on: Thursday, October 20

My Mom recently asked me to help design an invitation for the grand opening of the new firehouse building at the North River Arts Society, where she is the president. The event is a halloween-themed masquerade and she wanted the invite to serve multiple purposes — as an invite, and as an actual mask for those who don't want to have to go out and get one on their own. So, this is what I came up with. Happy (early) Halloween!

Pops Of Pantone

While it is all too early to be thinking about the holidays, I can't help but share these Pantone Ornaments. Who doesn't love a little pop of color? I'm a sucker for Pantone products — like this iphone case. Sometimes my dorky design side simply takes over.

Romantic Star Projector

posted on: Tuesday, October 18

Romantic star projector, home cooked dinner, and really good bottle of wine — yes, please. Spotted via Design Crush.

Nutella Hot Cocoa

posted on: Monday, October 17

The weather lately has been amazing! I can't believe it is mid October and still 70. But it won't be lasting that much longer and I'm ready for that Fall feeling. A perfect fall treat — Nutella Hot Chocolate: 1 cup milk. 2 spoons nutella. Saucepan. Heat medium. Blend. Enjoy!


All Mapped Out

posted on: Sunday, October 16

Another great NYC map print. Some others I'm fond of — this and this.

Perfect Packaging

posted on: Thursday, October 13

I love smart design and this is just too cute! If you're a fan of packaging design you must take a peek at Lovely Package where there are lots more swoon worthy finds like this and this

A New View

posted on: Wednesday, October 12

During my little blogging break I moved apartments! Now those close to me will laugh because I move apartments almost every year. No joke. So far since being in Manhattan I've lived in Spanish Harlem, Park Slope Brooklyn, The Upper West Side, Murray Hill, Midtown, and now...wait for it...JERSEY. Am I really a Jersey girl?!? How did this happen? Well, after searching for apartment after apartment and finding overpriced and undersized my friends who lived in Hoboken told me to listen up. So I took a little trip over the bridge {under the bridge?} through the path, and on the other side is this great little city. My new home has quite an amazing view of downtown Manhattan and in the spirit of talking about a new view I found this slideshow via the Times showing the rise and fall of the World Trade Towers and had to share this photo. Do scroll through the slideshow if you haven't seen it. While the images toward the end are hard to view, I'm fascinated by the rest of them. Who would have thought that this little view right here would someday be what I see out of my window.

A Little Inspiration For You

posted on: Tuesday, October 11

This Hiatus Is Officially Over

I'm back! Did you think I was gone for good? Sometimes you simply need to take a breather and let me tell you, I sure needed this one! I thought I would share some of the pics I took from my trip to Yosemite. From hiking down a 3,000 foot mountain to gazing at waterfalls we did it all. {I literally could not walk the next day.} But the views were simply breathtaking! The trip was amazing and I'm so glad to finally being sharing it. The goal for now, to get back to posting regularly. Cheers my friends!