Leaving On A Jet Plane: Atlanta

posted on: Friday, April 27

I'm heading to Atlanta for a work event this weekend! If you're in town, you should come on by y'all. You can learn about UNICEF and get a first hand look at some of UNICEF's lifesaving programs. AND — bonus here — you can see all of my graphic design work in action! I designed most of the signage for the event and it will be so exciting to see it all come together! 

If you have any suggestions for what to do in Atlanta, please let me know! So far I know I'd like to go here and here. Thank you Design Sponge!

The Prettiest Driftwood You Ever Did See

posted on: Thursday, April 26

How pretty are these painted pieces of beach driftwood? I love the bright colors. Such a simple concept with a world of possibilities for fun DIY projects like this one right here! Via Pinterest, of course.

I Spy

posted on: Wednesday, April 25

You know those view finders that are conveniently placed at vista spots and touristy areas? Well, did you know that you can take pictures through them? The pics above were taken with my iPhone! Yep, that's right. Hoboken has THE best views of NYC, so I simply had to share. The top picture is of The New Yorker and the bottom of the Empire State Building. Who knew?!

She Sells Seashells

posted on: Tuesday, April 24

Well, not exactly. But, Keil James Patrick does sell fabulous little nautical items like these bracelets and these earrings, which I adore. I'm also loving this necklace from Canon Lewis. The pic above is a nice little collection of shells that I collected in Costa Rica — I wish I never left!


posted on: Wednesday, April 18

This has been one of those weeks that is stressful, not fun, and overall blarg. On the plus side none of these things have happened to me this week. Hilarious. And, I have to note that it is the best thing ever when the one you love knows exactly how to cheer you up by sending you links to 'Cat Man Do' videos. XOXO Feeling better already!

Photo Project

posted on: Thursday, April 12

Alas my current home obsession. A giant frame with all my favorite photographs displayed beautifully and leaned against the wall. Say no more. And, if you've seen my Pinterest lately, you'll notice I can't seem to get enough of the 'worldly' decor that is so in right now. {I'm also eyeing ikat pillows.} Might have a little something to do with my recent trip to Costa Rica. Whatever it is, I'm a fan!

Pink Skies and Blue Water

posted on: Tuesday, April 10

I'm still dreaming of Costa Rican sunsets and bath-like ocean water. With the beach just steps from our room, it was easy to forget about life for a little. Above, Tamarindo Beach.

Waterfalls will never cease to take my breath away. We swam at La Fortuna waterfall for hours taking in the beauty. It felt like our own private oasis.

Two words: Honor Bar. A fridge stocked with various beverages to be drunk at your leisure — say no more. Hammocks, fresh fruit, howler monkeys playing in the trees. I think its time to start planning my next vacation!

Costa Rica!!!

posted on: Monday, April 9

Simply the best vacation ever! From volcanoes to zip-lining, atv tours, hiking, hot springs, waterfalls, turtle watching, surfing, and more. This vacation was a-ma-zing. More pics to come. P.S. You can now follow me on Instagram right here! P.P.S. Oye, fb better not ruin Instagram!

Happy Easter! (One Day Late)

I just got back from Costa Rica so forgive the late Easter wishes. Today I'll be hitting up a CVS in search of 50% off Easter Candy steals — basically I'll be bringing home as many bags of Cadbury mini eggs as I possibly can. {See top image.} I'd kill for those eggs, they're darn amazin'! I also had to share more Pantone love. Get the story behind these Pantone Eggs right here. Hope you got your chocolate fill!